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W&W Trading and Consulting Ltd is a business service provider, headquartered in Nottingham, United Kingdom. We are committed to building bridges for all parties seeking to embark upon international trade from different countries, creating stable cooperative relations, and achieving win-win results.

Our two missions are “Help to Buy” and “Help to Sell”. Throughout 2017 to 2020, we helped large clients in China and the United Kingdom establish key connections solidified by the formation of contracts for exclusive agency authorisation.

After stringent inspections, we have selected not only factories that are reliable, but also known for their quality as long-term partners. With international trading experience, we facilitate our clients to achieve hassle-free cross border trading with these quality-assured suppliers.

Business Memories

Social Business 4SDG Conference

Visiting Material supplier in San Francisco

China Pair Conference at Oxford

Case Studies

Citylife, UK

Industry:  Fitness equipment
Project:  Purchase fitness band
Time:  1 month

Citylife, a domestic company in England, were eager to purchase home fitness equipment from China to sell during the coronavirus lockdown. Unfortunately, they knew little about the Chinese market and channels. The communication issues and time differences worried them. Then, Citylife commissioned W&W to bulk-purchase high-quality equipment in China and we finally placed the order they longed for.

Dental Equipment Ltd, China

Industry: Oral health
Project: purchase orthodontics
Time: 3 months 

This is a large-scale oral health enterprise with integrated managing capability. They constantly integrate cutting-edge technologies and the latest concepts of the industry. W&W assisted them to purchase orthodontics which are made in Germany.

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