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W&W enables you to overcome international trading barriers, particularly if you aim to penetrate or source from the Chinese market. Our members possess a thorough understanding of the business environment in both China and the UK. Here, we strive to create mutually beneficial relationships among parties in a timely, tailored, holistic, and cost-effective manner.

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W&W has established connections with more than 1000+ manufacturers globally, that are highly qualified for import and export distributions, across various industries in China and South-East Asia. Throughout the pandemic, our highly skilled team were able to connect with our long-term logistics partners and continuously provide excellent sourcing channels, reducing the disruption of the global supply chain and logistics systems. 

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Our expertise lies in our understanding of different business environments and understanding of cultural differences, as well as our long-term accumulation of extensive and reliable contacts and information resources across the globe. We also have close ties with local government organisations both in China and the UK, such as local city councils and regional chambers of commerce etc.

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